5 Reasons to Live a Minimalist Life


As I started to reduce the amount of physical clutter in my home I noticed benefits starting to emerge and I thought that I would share five of them with you today.

You start to live intentionally.  As you discard the clutter, you become a lot more aware of not wanting clutter to come back into your home.  The purchases that you do make are intentional purchases and not ones that are impulsive or that you were ‘talked into it’ by advertising or sales stickers. Countless messages enter your life to sway you into accumulating more and more.  Living intentionally forces us to identify what we truly value and not be swayed by influences that do not uphold our values.

You spend less time on cleaning. Having the time to enjoy your life and pursue the things that bring you joy is important.  As we start to focus on the things that we value in our lives we find that being able to clean the house in under thirty minutes is worth striving for.  When surfaces are not cluttered they are easily cleaned. Not having as much stuff to find a home for means that tidying the house at the end of every day is a five-minute job.

You find space you never knew you had.  The buzz word in the building industry is ‘storage’.  We are told we need kitchens with loads of storage.  Bedroom wardrobes are walk-in with room for dozens of pairs of shoes and bags.  Whole drawers are allocated for ties.  It’s easy to think that your basic home is too small when you see what you could have if you just upgraded.  By removing hardly used clothing, sports equipment, tools, appliances and so on from your home, you discover that you have enough storage for your small number of possessions.

You regain control.  Our lives are becoming more and more fast-paced in the pursuit of happiness through possessions, but many of us find that these things are not making us happy.  Rather, they drain our lives.  When possessions take over our lives, we experience anxiety, depression and regret.  By owning fewer possessions, you find you have more time, more space, less worry and less financial burden.

More opportunity.  Our lives, family and friends are important.  Why would you want to spend your time pursuing things that do not matter and that do not make you happy?  When we evaluate what is truly important to us, we rarely identify things.  We value our health, our family, our interests.  We want joy and love and peace in our lives.  Clutter, junk, and debt take away from what we value.  Start living your life today, and discard that what does not move you forward towards a meaningful life.



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