How to Start Decluttering


Living a minimalist life is more than decluttering your home but it is a great first step towards a more mindful approach to living simply.

When you have lived in an over-crowded space for some time, it is difficult to know where to begin the decluttering process.  The job can seem so overwhelming it is easier to resign yourself to leaving it and ‘committing’ to starting another day. So, where do you start?  I suggest you start in a part of your home that is easy for you.  Tackling the biggest job in your home (like the garage) is too much if this is your first day of decluttering.

For me, the bathroom cabinet was the obvious place to start mainly because much of the stuff in there is labeled with an expiry date and the decision of whether to keep it or not was out of my hands.  Also into the bin went old lotions, hair products, sample sachets and anything else I knew I wasn’t using.  My theory on bathroom products like body lotions is that if you are not using them now, you’re unlikely to start using them later.  By the time I had finished emptying and cleaning, I had filled three supermarket bags and acquired a lot more space. Importantly, my very modestly sized bathroom was clean, clear and the few thing left were things that I actually used.

When we are learning to walk, our parents don’t register us for a marathon so tackle the easy jobs for now and leave the big jobs for a bit – they will still be there tomorrow.



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