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Welcome to Simple Minimalist Living. If you are looking at this site for the first time then welcome!

About me

My name is Ruth Taylor and I endeavour to life a simple and clutter-free life. My journey began five years ago.  I realised that all the junk in my life was a stress all by itself.   I had lots of cheap, ill-fitting clothes that I didn’t suit, sealed up containers and boxes filled with stuff stacked neatly under the stairs, mountains of kitchen knick-knacks and my guilty secret – a ten-year-old $400.00 dress that I had never worn because it looked awful on me (that’s probably $700.00 in today’s money!)  I kept it of course because I had paid a fortune for it.  My home was too small for everything I owned and my head was a mess.  My belongings were crammed into cupboards, shelves, or on display cluttering up the room.  I discovered that they were not bringing me happiness in any way, they were actually taking happiness away.

Today, I have a few quality clothes, no junk, my bills get paid on time and there is space in my cupboards.   I grow a few vegetables and flowers in my tiny garden and I live a simple life with plenty of time to stop for a cup of tea.   I feel peaceful instead of stressed, I have more money now and more time to pursue the things that add value to my life.

I began by donating, selling or throwing out a lot of things in my home.  I only kept the belongings that I actually used.  Just by doing this I discovered my house was big enough after all and I started to feel a lot better.

Simple Minimalist Living does not expect you to become minimalist overnight or to throw away everything you have ever owned, instead I hope it inspires you to discover the many benefits of living with less.

Ruth Taylor. Writer. Simple Minimalist Living.